We follow Jesus as itinerant preacher.


As a Preacher of Christ and Mary, the words of Jesus continuously resound within me: "Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature" (Mk 16:15).

For the Church and for us, Art is the beauty of God.
The proclamation of the Kingdom of God, by the example of Jesus, looks for the humanization and the dignity of men, especially in the poor.
We feel called as well, to "announce the name, the doctrine, the life, the promises, the Kingdom, the mystery of Jesus of Nazareth, son of God" (EN 22)
The reason for carrying out Massive Events is for us the joyful celebration of our faith.

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- Do you know what a charisma is?

- Perhaps not…

- Charisma comes from the Latin charis which means gift or special grace from the Holy Spirit by means of a founder or foundress for the good of the Church in its entirety. The charisma of every Religious Institute is incarnated by deepening and living a mystery of the life of Jesus Christ.

- Which then is the charisma of the Preachers of Christ and Mary?

- The gift that the Holy Spirit granted to the community Preachers of Christ and Mary for the Church is the enhancing and contemplation of Jesus as an itinerant preacher.

- How do they carry out their Charisma in the Church?

- Our goal is to preach the Gospel so that mall may be able to accept Jesus Christ as the only Lord in their lives, that they may live fully all the compromises of their Baptism and that they may commit themselves to the evangelization work in the Church.

- And what is their apostolate?

- We develop our mission through five Apostolic Facets: itinerant preaching, the media, the arts, the organization of massive events and through social development.

- Tell us about your spirituality…

- The spirituality that stirs us to daily live out our charisma is the contemplation of Jesus Christ on the Cross and in the Holy Eucharist, the tender and loving confidence in our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the profound friendship with the Holy Spirit.