The Cross is my resting place.

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It was on September 5th in a small Colombian city, near the capital, where the sun heats up the morichales and the red moon embellishes the night sky of Villavicencio. On this day bathed by the sun of 1995, Monsignor Alfonso Cabezas, Bishop of the Diocese, receives Ad Experimentum the Pious Association Preachers of Christ and Mary, with a steadfast desire of being a Society of Apostolic Life in the Church that would live to preach the living and risen Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit prompts new fashions in the Consecrated Life to enrich the Church, and this charisma, as the rays of the sun, came down greatly shining upon this city and form here, upon many other places. The fervent desire to let Jesus Christ be know, loved and served led us to surrender unconditionally to an evangelization style new in its methods, its expression and its ardor; all this from a conviction in the faith and the true foundation of the Magisterium of the Church. Soon, many other hearts catched-on this love revolution, that led to begin to speak up on the radio, on TV, in massive events and in groups, about the need of conversion to Jesus Christ, the necessity to love Him, to serve him loyally, to think about Him frequently and to moderate everything to his way of thinking, His norm and His Word.

God has done great things for us and we are happy! We sing with the psalmist because or Mother Church f which we are and feel daughters of, has accompanied, encouraged, taught and exhorted us in this sunny and pulverous fifteen years of search and pursuit of Jesus Christ, our Owner. Today, Jesus, our Lord and Savior insists in continuing to call us within the Church, to have Him be known, loved and served through all the nations.

As a Public Association of the Faithful, on the way of becoming a Society of Apostolic Life, we give infinite thanks to God for all the Pastors he has given us in the past profound and adventurous fifteen years of our history: Monsignor Alfonso Cabezas Aristizabal, emeritus Bishop of Villavicencio, Monsignor Octavio Ruiz Arenas, emeritus Archbishop of Villavicencio, and Monsignor Oscar Urbina Ortega, Archbishop of Villavicencio. We also thank Monsignor Nicholas D'Marzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, New York, and to the Religious Vicar of the same Diocese, Sister Maryann Lopiccolo. May God bless you all, for you have been our parents, pastors and friends!